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Listen to 50 minutes of Lon Woodbury and Kevin Strauss discussing bullying, suicide and family communication. Learn about Kevin Strauss' journey from NCSU to family communicator.
What is FamilyeJournal all about and can it improve my family's mental and emotional health and wellness?what is fej? How can my family join FamilyeJournal, improve communication and become a closer family?how do I join? Learn more about the 30 Day Relationship Boosting Challenge30 Day Challenge
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  • Mary LouGrandma
    I think FamilyeJournal.com is a wonderful educational program. It makes all of us answer questions that we usually do not ask each other...
  • Leehusband, brother
    Thank you FamilyeJournal! I've been using your site with my parents, spouse and out-of-town...
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  • HyacinthMother/
    FamilyeJournal helps me to center my being and to focus my thoughts on caring for myself.
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